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Masters in Economics

List of Courses of M.A Economics

Paper 1) Micro-economic Theory

Paper 2) Macro-economic Theory

Paper 3) Mathematical Economics

Paper 4) Statistics for Economists

Paper 5) Islamic Economics

Paper 6) Major Issues in Pakistan Economy

Paper 1) International Trade Theory and Finance

Paper 2) Econometrics: Theory and Application

Paper 3) Development Economics: Theory and


Paper 4) Research Methodology

Paper 5.1) Advanced Mathematical Economics

Paper 5.2) Applied Economics and Computer Application

Paper 5.3) Operations Research (Or)

Paper 6.1) Monetary Theory and Policy

Paper 6.2) Public Sector Economics

(Paper 6.3) Investment and Project Appraisal

(Paper 6.4) Managerial Economics

Paper 7.1) History of Economic Thought

Paper 7.2) Comparative Economic Systems

Paper 7.3) Environmental Economics

Paper 7.4) Agricultural Economics

Paper 7.5) Political Economy and Global Order

Paper 8.1) Labour Economics

Paper 8.2) Human Resource Development and Management

Paper 8.3) Regional Economics

Paper 8.4) Economic Principles, Strategies and Techniques of Marketing