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College library

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It is housed at first floor consisting of about 30,000 books. It is exclusively open for I.Com / B. Com.  / M. Com / M.A. Economics students. Books relevant to I.Com / B. Com. / M. Com / M.A. Economics Syllabus are available – besides dailies and periodicals.

The Library has reference books and publications in the field of Accounting, Business Communication, English Language, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business Taxation, Computer Science, Macro and Micro Economics, Financial Management, Management Sciences, Insurance, Marketing, Mercantile and Labour Laws, Quantitative Techniques for Business and Banking, Allied subjects and religion. An addition to books is made every year to meet the curricula and research needs of students and faculty.

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The Library is open for the use of the students and teaching staff of the college only. No book shall be issued to the non – member except with the sanction of the principal.

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The Library card and books are strictly non – transferable. Students are not allowed to draw books for others on their own cards. Sub – lending of books drawn from the Library to any other person is prohibited

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The Library card must be brought to the Library and shall have to be presented at the counter at the time of drawing or returning books. If a card is lost, a new one will be issued after 3 days on payment of Rs. 25/= with the latest photograph. The borrower is in all cases responsible for books drawn on his card. The responsibility continues if the card is lost or used by any other person.

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  • Students of B. Com. may have in their possession not more than two books at a time.
  • Books drawn by borrowers shall be returned not later than the period prescribed on the date slip, pasted at the end of the each volume.
  • Books of reference, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries and Current Periodicals are not lent out.
  • When more than one student want a book, then it is given in turn. Preference is given to those who have not got before.
  • A minimum fine of Re.1/= per book for each day will be imposed in case books are kept overdue


  • Books should not be mutilated, marked or pages torn out. They must be handled carefully and with clean hands. When borrowing books, students are requested to bring to the notice of the Librarian marks made or any other damage done to the books, otherwise the student who draws the books in the last will be held responsible for the damage.